The blog created by Fabio Attanasio (The Bespoke Dudes) is without any doubt the reference in terms of Italian menswear elegance. Since 2012, Fabio decided to feature is passion for the art of bespoke tailoring and Italian craftmanship through the launch of his blog. It gather every month thousands of “iGents” in search for sartorial inspirations and willing to discover the industry of bespoke tailoring. Indeed, The Bespoke Dudes is one of the only webmagazine for men which goes very often to meet with professionals from the industry. You can discover from him, true Italian sartorias and masters, more or less known to the media and a very passionate point-of-view from every professional met.

fabio attanasio the bespoke dude

Blogger but also editor for select menswear magazines, Fabio Attanasio is also dedicated to product design like with his line of eyewear The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear or these loafers designed in collaboration with Velasca Milano.

penny loafers the bespoke dudes velasca

Focus on his style:

Fabio perfectly represents the Italian style in a very elegant and classical way. For instance, he wears his trousers very short but not too narrow… which gives more room to comfort but also gives more importance to the longevity of his suits that are most of them bespoke (the more a pair of trousers is tight, the less it will last because of the friction and tension from which the fabric suffers). His jackets are often unconstructed, the Neapolitan way, as you can notice on his shoulders (pleated which gives this recognizable roll). The lapels of his jackets are often quite generous (or classical) and his trousers always feature a 5 centimeters turn-up.

Fabio Attanasio wears perfectly the 3 piece-suit but we particularly find his odd outfits very inspiring because he knows exactly how to combine fabrics and colors to avoid any mistakes of taste (his advice to easily make an odd combination: wearing a lighter pair of trousers than the jacket).

If you are looking for inspirations for classical outfits, formal or just more casual with a touch of elegance, discover The Bespoke Dudes and you won’t be disappointed!



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