Do you think you know how to eat sushis properly? Well, do you know the following rules regarding the savouring of this Japanese meal?

The world of sushi is a true art: both in the preparation as well as in the appreciation, Japanese people are respectful of their traditions. They pay close attention to some rules that you should take into account, if you ever had the chance to eat sushis in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The first thing to know is; do you use or do you not use chopsticks? For instance for the maki, when the rice is wrapped in a seaweed (called “nori”), you should eat it using your fingers. As for the sushi, should be held either using your fingers or using chopsticks. But above all, NEVER use your chopsticks to break through any type of food because this is frowned upon.

When you dip the maki into the soja sauce, dip it carefully on only one side. Do not turn the maki again to dip it in the soja sauce one more time.

 As for the sushi, it should be dipped “upside down” (on the fish side). To do so, put the sushi on its side so that your chopsticks hold the fish and the rice together. By doing so, you will be sure to keep the stickiness of your rice. If they are ideally proportioned, makis and sushis should be eaten at once in your mouth.

Between every different fish, you should eat a slice of ginger (without dipping it into the soja sauce). This cleanses your palate in between dishes so that you can have the best tasting experience of sushi.

Now, you know the basic rules of eating sushis, which takes into account the mix of quantity and proportion of the ingredients so that you can enjoy to the fullest the taste of this ancestral meal.

We specify that these rules are not like some of the rules of elegance: we will not try to break them, once mastered, in order to create its own style!

You can see after the detailed instructions in this video from the website Munchies.