HVRMINN (pronounced Hur-Minn) is a NYC based brand founded by the American designer with Korean origins Hur Minn. Graduate from the Parsons School of design, the designer launched at first an offer of made-to-measure suits, before launching a ready-to-wear offer in 2013. This is when the label EPONYMOVS by HVRMINN was born, a masculine wardrobe inspired by a mix of tailoring from the 20s/30s and military pieces. The items created are very strong and perfectly showcast the style of the designer, whom, with his co-founder Kevin Wang, are the best ambassadors of the brand as their style and attitude always make an impression.

kevin wang hur minn kvrminn

Kevin Wang on the left, Hur Minn on the right.

The style of the suits is very structured, with squared shoulders and generous lapel (often peak lapels). The products are manufactured in South Korea and in the USA, in Martin Greenfield‘s workshop, iconic master tailor based in Brooklyn, also called the “Tailor of the president” as he made numerous suits for US presidents (Obama, Ford, Clinton).

Besides the EPONYMOVS label that is somehow very seasonal (see our slideshow with some lookbooks from the fashion week presentations), HVRMINN developed a PERPETVAL label offering essentials (charcoal/navy/grey suits in 3 piece or double breasted) as well as an outerwear collection inspired from military spirit named VIETTO NYC.

Except the work on the style that we obviously love, we particularly like the spirit that the duo managed to create around the brand HVRMINN (the video below is a perfect example!). The good news is that the e-shop just opened and we can finally get these products in Europe: E-shop HVRMINN